Do you have a Sump Pump or a Sewage Pump? Do you need to repair or replace your Pump? Do you need a new Pump installed? Has your Pump had its yearly maintenance check? Give our local plumbers a call (919) 399-9968, Plumbing Partners can take care of all your pump repairs and maintenance needs. We install all types of pumps from sumps to sewage, we have access to all your favorite brands. Plumbing Partners also offers yearly pump inspections to make sure your pump is connected properly and operating at it peak performance. 

Sump Pump

A Submersible pump that detects water in a catch basin then removes it from a property by use of pvc pipes. Submersible pump systems are only used for rain water such as ground and storm water. They are designed to prevent flooding to a property after storms and heavy rainfall. They are typically installed at the lowest part of a basement, building, or crawlspace. 

Sewage Pump

An Ejector or Grinder pump that handles grey water and raw sewage, these collects waste from the plumbing systems and then removes it from the property. Ejector pumps are typically installed in residential properties, when the main sewer drain is higher than the buildings plumbing. Grinder pumps are typically installed in commercial buildings, such as hotels, restaurants, and some apartment complexes. 

Pump Services

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Yearly Maintenance 

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Why Hire Plumbing Partners?

 Calling a licensed plumber instead of doing it yourself or calling a handyman: 

So, calling a licensed plumber from Plumbing Partners, can keep you from spending money on costly repairs if the pump system was improperly installed previously. Also, it keep your warranty from the manufacturer valid, and give you peace of mind that everything is connected correctly for you can sleep at ease. So, Call Us Today at (919) 399-9968 and let us put your mind at ease.